Danne Attlerud started to  play the guitar when he was 10 years old and wrote his first song at the age of 12. Since then Danne has written lyrics to more than 4500 songs, over 400 of them released with more than 100 different artists in more than 20 countries. He cut 3 vinyl albums as a solo artist during the 70’s and 80's. 1999 Danne started to compose more for other artist, The year 2000 Thomas Thörnholm and Danne got their first song accepted for Melodifestivalen, the Swedish National final of  ESC (Eurovision Song Contest). The song was called "Se mig"and was performed by Barbados. Since then Danne has participated 9 times in Melodifestivalen as a composer/author and 14 times in National Competitions in other ESC countries, four times in Melodi Grand Prix, the Norwegian qualification for ESC, among them as a winner of MGP 2004 with the song "High", performed by Knut Anders Sörum and written by Thomas Thörnholm/Lasse Andersson/Danne Attlerud, twice in Latvia and Bulgaria , once in Armenia and together with Jonas "Salle" Sahlin as a musical arranger of the song "I do", the winning entry of Malta 2006, performed by Fabrizio Faniello. (more info: Songs)

Dannes first contact with Afrikaans music was when meeting Roy van der Merwe at the ESC Final in Istanbul 2004. Roy’s and Danne’s co operation so far has resulted in more than 50 songs released in South Africa with artists such as Patricia Lewis, Shaun Tait, Kobus Muller, Nedine Blom, Lee Scott, Rea le Roux, Quentin Prinsloo, Dominec, Dewald Louw, Guillaume Willemse, Marlouise, Amor Vittone, Willem Botha, David Fourie and Hi5, Nicholis Louw, Kurt Darren, 4Werke,  , Jasmyn (check out Songs


Today Danne works as a songwriter, publisher and record company in his company Docit Production AB together with many songwriters, mainly Thomas Thörnholm with whome Danne was awarded Best International Contributor to Afrikaans Music 2009, Danne  co operates with many different publishers and record companies in Sweden and worldwide, Germany (CAP-Sounds), Japan (Nichion, SG), England (Multiplay Music), USA (Play Any Key Music), South Africa etc. In South Africa Danne has chosen Active Music Publishing as his exclusive sub publisher, a co operation that from the start proved to be very successful. Mainly Danne composes lyrics in English and Swedish for artists and commercials for different companies but he also performs with Attlerud Band and as a solo artist. A solo EP “Vespa” was released in November 2011 and an album "Attlerudkarikatyrerna" with Attlerud Band in 2012. Lately Danne has composed entries to ESC in Moldovia "Underestimated/Diana Staver and "Your lies"/Rebekka Thornbech in Denmark's DMGP-14. Together with a lot of songs to national and international artists Danne also composes lyrics to a number of commercials, for example Mekonomen, Zoomability, Plantagen, etc. (more info:Start)





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